University of Science & Technology Beijing

Internet Security Lab (202 Lab)


Our Funds

PhD Students

  • E Chen
  • Hongjian Yin
  • Guanglai Guo
  • Hai Lu

Master Students

  • Zhonghao Wang
  • Bohan Qin
  • Jing Wang
  • Weijing Song
  • Qian Guo
  • Di Wang
  • Shengdian Wang
  • Huan Ouyang
  • Kangxi Zhu
  • Qijun Yao
  • Youpeng Wen
  • Dongdong Li
  • Zhe Shi
  • Zhongshan Bian

Graduate Students

  • Khaled Riad
  • Xin Wang
  • Feng Pu
  • Dandan Li
  • Liguang Yang
  • Ruiqi Guo
  • Hongying Lu
  • Hao Wu
  • Hao Yin
  • Xiaochen Xu
  • Yang Liu
  • Long Long
  • Xiaoxu Song
  • Yao Qin
  • Xianbin Xue
  • Guohua Gan
  • Ruyun Yu
  • Shuai Yang
  • Zhiyuan Zhou
  • Yi Zhang
  • Qiaoshi Wang


The Internet Security Lab is in the School of Computer and Communication Engineering at University of Science and Technology Beijing. We often collaborate with members of the cryptography group in the near universities at ZhongGuanCun as well.

Research projects in the group focus on various aspects of network and computer security. In particular the lab focuses on applications of cryptography to real-world security problems. For more information follow the links below.

Group-Based Cryptography

Group-based cryptography is a new cryptographic technology that address the problems of secure resource sharing, communciation, authentication, and key management in a large group. Our research fouces on the basic cryptographic problems: Cryptographic repressentation of subsets, Predicate-based encryption, Verificable Random Function.

Following links are Demo of relative algorithm:

① Indentity-set-based Ecnryption (SBE) SBE_Demo

② Attribute-set-based Encryption (ASBE) ASBE_Demo

  ASBE XML version XML_ASBE_Demo

③ DesignatedVerifier-Set Signature(DVSS) DVSS_Demo

④ The practical application of ASBE: Application_Demo


Encrypted Email System  Demo

Content privacy of Email is making more and more attention in the recent years. Our objective is to built a real practical Email cryptosystem by using every people in Internet. Its most significiant feature is easy to use. Our research includes our own algorithms, some Demos and patent.



Cloud Platform and Security

Cloud Computing is a new computing model after Client/Server model and Browser/Server model. In our lab, we have built a small cloud enveriment, including CloudStack and OpenStack. Based on these two framework, our research fouces on secure data sharing and message exchange, blind audit in the Cloud.


Secure multi-party computation

Secure multi-party computation (SMC) is to solve a group of mutual distrust in between protection of privacy of collaborative computing problem, SMC to ensure that the input of independence, the correctness of the computation, without revealing the input value to participate in the calculation of the other members.


Secure Blockchain: Shellchain Demo

A blockchain is a distributed database that maintains a continuously growing list of ordered records called blocks. Each block contains a timestamp and a link to a previous block. By design, blockchains are inherently resistant to modification of the data — once recorded, the data in a block cannot be altered retroactively.


Our Funds

Towards Secure Access Control with Temporal-Spatial Attributes (支持时空属性的安全访问控制技术研究) National Natural Foundation of China, Grant No. 61472032.
Research on Integrity Verification for Outsourcing Storage.(外援存储中的数据完整性验证技术研究) National Natural Foundation of China, Grant No. 61170264.
NSFC-Genertec Joint Fund For Basic Research.(基于NP完全类问题的抗量子计算密码基础理论研究) National Natural Foundation of China,(中国自然科学基金-通用研究院联合基金) Grant No. U1636104.
Joint Research Fund for Overseas Chinese Scholars and Scholars in Hong Kong and Macao.(面向移动云服务的安全委派计算技术研究) National Natural Foundation of China,(中国自然科学基金-海外基金) Grant No. 61628201.
Cryptographic Construction for Set Membership and its applications.(集合成员关系的密码学构造方法及其应用研究) National Natural Foundation of China Grant ,No. 61972032.
基于区块链技术的智能合约服务. National Key Technologies R&D Programs of China ,2018YFB1402702 .

Students' Projects

WiFi Attack

We research the WEP and WPA which are widely used as Wired Equivalent Privacy Protocol. Our research fouces on the Protocol loopholes, in this way, we can access wireless router without authorization.


Android card recognition and cloud management system

Our products realize the paper card identification, the identification and generation of two-dimensional code cards, and the business card information stored in the contact. NFC tags for writing and reading. About the cloud management system as yet to be learning and development.


Academic Reports

Generalized Cryptanalysis of RSA.      2015-3-26

Report of ASU's Professor Stephen S. Yau.      2016-1-15

Academic meeting notice

International Workshop on Blockchain and Smart Contract(牛津会议).      2016-1-21